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Empowered to Lead 2024 
Saturday 5 October 
The Lowry Theatre

Welcome to the official page of the annual 

She Leads for Legacy

'Empowered to Lead' Conference 2024 !


This conference is designed to address the unique challenges and perspectives of Black women, providing them with valuable insights to excel in their professional journeys and provide allies with pathways to be agents of change

Our annual conference serves as a platform for growth, collaboration and celebration of the accomplishments and potential of Black women in various industries. 

We believe in creating an inclusive space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come to learn, share experiences and build lasting connections.


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Our 2023 highlights

The conference highlighted and encouraged me to continue to lead and do the tings that I am currently doing. I am passionate about leaving a legacy making a difference and stand out. I have hope, I have a vision, I can do this. The conference was impactful, encouraging, dynamic and powerful.

Become a Sponsor! 

If you would to sponsor or partner with us, to deliver the only conference for Black female professionals and Allies in the North, you can find out more information here:

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